About Sarah

She’s the type of person who doesn’t have a favorite color. She’s a gypsy at heart who was raised on country music, green chile, and change.

Sarah Spann is an author and designer. She is inspired by the beauty within darkness, the secrets we all keep, and the things we feel but cannot see.


Sarah Spann released her debut novel Wildflowers Come Back as an indie author on September 27th, 2011. In its first six months the paranormal mystery was devoured by nearly 35,000 readers, solidifying her spot as one of the hot up-and-coming authors in the indie author movement. Spann’s writing style flows beautifully across the page as she pulls you in with her breathtaking storytelling skills. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats as they experience stories told by an author who firmly believes that happy endings are a contradiction that don’t really exist, and that life is much more beautiful when you embrace the darkness and imperfection. In Spann’s books you won’t find stories about the girl who was a princess and lived happily ever after, but you will find stories about the girl who lived. Learn more about Sarah’s books.


In addition to authoring books, Sarah Spann is also an accomplished designer. In January 2011 she founded the design studio Enchantfancy Design Co. which specializes in lovely wedding and party invitations and stationery. She is also credited with various other design projects including book covers and interiors, magazine ads, websites and more. Learn more about Sarah’s design portfolio.



Prior to becoming a published author and owner of a design studio, Sarah Spann spent several years as a freelance writer. Her body of work as a freelance writer includes web content for websites both large and small, informative articles (with a specialization in travel, entertainment and style), ad copy, travel blogging and more. During 2008-2009 she was the Pop Music Editor at BellaOnline (the second largest women’s website in the world) where she wrote articles, reviews and conducted artist interviews. Learn more about Sarah’s writing clips.



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